Advanced Testing

AndroVision® - The optimal system for quantitative and qualitative analyses of bovine semen

Once semen is collected, the irreversible aging process of the sperm begins. That is why it is important to work as rapidly and effectively as possible. AndroVision® is the ideal system for quick, precise and objective determination of sperm concentration and initial motility.

Designed as an all-encompassing semen analysis system, AndroVision® is also flexible in operation and can be easily adapted. In addition to the classic CASA, a comprehensive line of more advanced assays for sperm functionality is available, including sperm viability, acrosome integrity, mitochondria potential and DNA integrity.

With the unique ability to evaluate 1000 and more cells per field, AndroVision® allows for unparalleled quick and accurate semen assessments. Every single sperm cell is identified and detailed information can be queried right after analysis. The user interface, with its logical
design is very easy to learn and use. The evaluation can be performed with just a few clicks which enables an uninterrupted workflow.

Furthermore, AndroVision® can identify sperm heads precisely and differentiate sperm cells effectively from other small particles in the ejaculate. This represents a major advantage when measuring diluted semen in which egg yolk or milk containing extenders have been used.

The motility of a semen sample comprises three dimensions:

  • Percentage of sperm showing movement
  • Characteristics of movement and
  • Speed of movement

Viability assessment is available as part of the Motility and Concentration Software Module. This means that after preparing two samples – and applying a stain, e.g. Hoechst 33342/PI, to one of them - it is possible to switch between the two modules during the measurement. The viability assessment result is then shown together with the relevant analysis data of the ejaculate. The results are stored in one record.

The interactive Morphology and Morphometry Software Module assists the user with a thorough and complete analysis of morphological abnormalities of sperm. It identifies the sperm of stained and unstained samples and takes measurements of each individual cell: The Morphometry (acc. to Krüger) determines length and width of sperm head, head shape and midpiece asymmetry of each single sperm cell analyzed. Sperm cells are classified into a large range of morphologic abnormalities. The classification is a self-learning process or can be set to an automatic differentiation between intact and abnormal heads. Standard abnormality subclasses for manual selection are:

  • Acrosome defect
  • Coiled tail
  • Detached head    
  • Proximal droplet
  • Abnormal midpiece  
  • Distal droplet
  • Bent tail  
  • Waste
The Acrosome Integrity Module measures the acrosome reaction and is a key step for a successful insemination.  It enables the sperm to penetrate the ovum.  Various stressors during semen processing can cause damage to the acrosome membrane or can provoke a premature acrosome reaction. This double stain fluorescence assay provides an automated count of percentage of sperm with damaged acrosome.

The Mitochondrial Activity module is a double stain fluorescence test for the assessment for the energy metabolism of the sperm.  This activity is one of the things necessary for:

  • Maintenance of the motility
  • Capacitation ability of the sperm
  • Maintenance of the basic cell functions

The DNA Integrity module is used to investigate the integrity of the sperm’s DNA.  The success of insemination and embryo development is highly dependent on the integrity of DNA in the sperm.  Consequently, the DNA structure can be used to indicate the fertility potential, or to explain sub-fertility rates, of a certain breeding animal.  DNA integrity testing therefore offers a new approach to the clarification of lower fertility rates. 

Successfully addressing the challenges of computer assisted bull semen analysis in the lab or on the production line, AndroVision® proves to be the perfect tool for quantitative and qualitative analyses of bovine semen.